Private Appraisals

Your privacy is a pressing concern, and at B/Back we understand this more than any. This is the reason we’ve created London’s first private assessment area. When it comes to your gold, diamonds, watches or vintage instruments, we have the facilities to appraise your items privately.


Call ahead to book an appointment, or stop in today for a confidential, one-on-one consultation for your gold, diamonds, or other items of value!


We pay the most for your gold, bullion, luxury watches, vintage instruments and much more! With over twenty years of experience, B/Back is a name you can trust.


Call us to book your private appointment today or contact us online!

Security and Privacy

B/Back Jewellery and Loan's top priority is customer comfort and satisfaction.


B/Back keeps all customer contact and transactional information completely private and entirely confidential. Unlike other financial institutions, we will never sell or distribute any personal information or loan documents to any third parties for market research or financial gain, all of our clients' information is kept private and confidential.


B/Back houses a secure, offline database to ensure that none of our clients' personal information is accessable to online hackers or viruses. B/Back Jewellery and Loan promises that we will keep our clients' names, personal information and any other documentation 100% private and secure.

B/Back Jewellery and Loan takes our clients' trust and the protection of their items very seriously. This is why B/Back has invested in the newest available technology to provide 24-hour monitoring in full high definition. When dealing with our client's precious metals and gemstones, B/Back stores all items individually in our industrial bank-grade safes. Every angle of all B/Back premises is covered by CCTV and continuously monitored to protect our clients' items at all measures. B/Back is also fully insured and bonded to guarantee comfort and peace of mind when leaving items at any of our highly secure locations.