Our History

B/Back Jewellery and Loan's story begins December of 1995. The store was originally located in the Bellwood Plaza, at the corner of Oxford Street East and Gammage Street in London, Ontario. The business quickly flourished and in the next year it had relocated to larger premises at 978 Oxford Street East, at the corner of Oxford and Quebec Street. The business continued to substantially grow and the decision was made to open B/Back's second location at 771 Southdale Road, at the corner of Southdale and the Adelaide St. extension. This location opened in November of 1998. A lifelong friend of the owner was partnered to operate the second location. The two partners have known each other for well over 25 years.


As time past, and the business continued to mature, it was decided that the business would purchase a 6,000 square foot building and open its third location at 215 Wharncliffe Road South, in the west end of the city. Due to the building's size, and subsequent warehousing capabilities, B/Back could then accept significantly larger items for collateral loans, in addition to utilizing that space to store extra inventory. Since B/Back expanded to multiple locations, the decision was made to expand B/Back's purchasing power with unique products and brand new inventory for retail sale. Developing relationships with wholesalers and bulk distributors, B/Back was able offer customers brand new televisions, Blu-ray players and many other electronics at a fraction of the cost of purchasing at a big box store.


With years of practical experience and formal education, B/Back Jewellery and Loan knows the importance of staying on top of industry standards and trends. That’s why B/Back guarantees that it offers the highest quality of service, while still maintaining highly competitive pricing on cash loans and inventory.


Considering the many industry growth and declines that B/Back has operated through, B/Back knows the importance of staying knowledgable about all industry standards and trends, which is why B/Back continues to ever expand our areas of expertise and service. B/Back offers the most competitive rates for all precious metals and gemstones, making B/Back the largest gold and diamond purchaser in the city. B/Back also offers larger private and business loans. Visit or call any of our locations today and speak with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.


B/Back is equally passionate about committing to our community through many charitable causes and organizations, including The Salvation Army, The London Food Bank, The Boys and Girls Club of London, The Canadian Diabetes Society, and the Canadian Cancer Society, among others.


Our Staff


B/Back Jewellery and Loan is a third generation family-owned and operated business. Since we opened our doors in 1995, B/Back has stressed the importance of unity with every employee and with our community. B/Back has welcomed many different employees into our family over the years and has developed relationships that bond much further and stronger than any typical relationship between an employer and employee. The B/Back staff includes multiple employees that have over five, ten and even fifteen years of experience at B/Back. It is precisely this family-style business relationship that motivates our employees to go the distance for our clients. Customer comfort and satisfaction are the primary goals of every B/Back employee; stop into B/Back Jewellery and Loan today to meet one of our friendly, courteous and helpful employees!