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By far the best way to have your quality goods, gold and silver jewellery and diamonds assessed is by stopping in at our location on Oxford St so that our experts can give you a quick and fair estimate.
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Current Gold Silver Pricing

Gold: $1,435.99
Gold Scrap
Gold Bullion
Silver: $18.82
Silver Bullion
9k $9.99
10k $12.52
14k $17.56
18k $22.51
21k $26.97
22k $27.91
24k $34.63
Buy Sell
1oz $1,364.19 $1,479.07
Canadian $1,407.27 $1,507.79
Buy Sell
1oz $19.20 $21.64
Maple/Bar $19.76 $22.21
5oz $95.04 $107.27
10oz $190.08 $214.55
100oz $1,825.54 $2,013.74

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